Financial Wellness For Today’s Mobile Employee

Financial Wellness the ultimate employee benefit in 2021. A recent Morgan Stanley Study states that 78% of employees who are experiencing high financial stress admit, they are distracted by it at work.

Employees who are not feeling financially well are burdened by stress, consumed, exhausted and less productive.

Betterment Inc., is a progressive financial wellness solution that makes your employees smarter about their finances.

Our solution exposes employees to breakthrough financial technologies, proprietary debt reduction techniques, connects them to a library of financial content, relieves their stress and adds to the quality of their lives.

Attract, Retain & Increase Productivity

Betterment Inc., delivers financial literacy, in person, via webinars, hosted events and personal finance eLearning courses.

Much of our curriculum is based on our textbook “How Money Works” and it is presented in English and Spanish.

We promote financial wellness initiatives across the organization using content that we create weekly.

We measure employee engagement through participation, online survey, and KPI driven analytics.

We offer proprietary debt and interest elimination solutions.

finance literacy institute

Financial Wellness

Personal Finance eLearning Courses

Learn How Money Works

Cut through the noise, face today’s realities, learn foundational concepts, and simple, practical steps to follow.

Learn To Apply Your Knowledge

Gain skills like long-term vision, the ability to plan for the future, and the discipline to use those skills every day.

Learn To Get Your House In Order

Implement, execute and manage your strategy. Put your family on the path to a prosperous financial future.

Technology Driven Debt Elimination

Our proprietary Debt 2 Wealth SaaS serves as the ultimate financial assessment tool. The Debt to Wealth SaaS is an algorithm driven debt elimination technology, that serves as a financial GPS.

The Debt to Wealth SaaS, shows your employees how to pay off their debt and mortgages in as little as 5 years. As a result, it eliminates as much as 80% of their interest on mortgages, credit cards, student loans, auto loans and personal loans.

Financial Wellness Means Debt Free Employees

Learn How To Help Your Employees Become Debt Free

Financial Wellness

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