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Health Provider Search - Vertically Integrated Outpatient

Health Provider Search - Vertically integrated outpatient facilities for blood work, imaging, surgery, and urgent care charge more, than independently owned facilities, to provide the same level of care. To offset this cost difference, independent facilities place patient charges higher than the actual cost of providing care. 

Vertically integrated providers are also known to charge insurers different amounts for providing the same procedure. Health Provider Search creates a search experience that allows users to find an independently owned facility that best fits their needs thereby making smarter choices about where to receive medical treatment.

Health Provider Search is a patented intelligence platform. It takes the user from one screen to another in a natural, logical, and familiar way. There's no need to learn a new interface. Health Provider Search is so much more than a solution for a common problem in healthcare cost containment, it is a new paradigm in the Treatment Selection Process that will change how patients interact with their health care professionals.

Launch Health Provider Search on your smartphone to discover the doctor or hospital that's right for you. Easily compare costs for treatment options, doctor reviews, and more. Use the doctor locator to find what you're looking for faster ―nearby, far away, wherever it is.

Health Provider Search

The Health Provider Search is integrated. When you open your phone, it knows where you are and what time it is. Using our app is intuitive and easy, and it's all organized for you: the most important information on the screen, exactly when you need it. 

Through our search area you can find the facility that best fits your needs. Our service will show you what you would have paid for the same level of care in an independent facility to determine if the facility you are being referred to is charging proper fees.

Provider Search Search finds independent facilities for you, removes the guesswork. Blindly choosing an in-network hospital is not always the lowest cost option, but sometimes it is. Health Provider Search finds all in-network facilities in your area including independent facilities that are not part of an insurance network. 

Betterment Inc., a division of Financial literacy Group, helps individuals gain access to the same healthcare that big insurance companies negotiate for their members at a fraction of the cost. Health Provider Search Search for facilities near you that accept your insurance. If you don't have insurance, find facilities close to you that charge reasonable rates for care.

Our goal is to help consumers find the best providers based on price, quality, communication, satisfaction ratings, credentials and more. We do this in two ways. By helping consumers navigate through outpatient health care products they are interested in. 

Emergency Rooms vs Urgent Care

Emergency rooms are the most expensive places to receive medical care at more than 2X the cost of urgent care facilities. Knowing if you need urgent care allows you to save money but more importantly, time. Urgent cares are great for colds, influenza, insect bites/stings and non-life threatening injuries.

Are you a healthcare consumer? In 2016 there were more than 51 million emergency room visits in the U.S. alone. It is estimated that patients have over $38 billion in after-hours bills due to using the emergency room when it could have been avoided. We created a simple mobile app to educate the consumer on costs and available treatment options so they can make better informed decisions.

Often, the difference between the two can be confusing and knowing which is right for you and your family can become a difficult and frustrating situation. Using Smarter Search is Smooth. Your smart device knows where you are so you can search seamlessly.

The Medical Cost Containment Industry has changed significantly over the last several years. This cost containment app is different. It makes financial sense to continue to give the customer what they want! We feel this is a necessary approach. The concept was created with a focus on being intuitive, saving money and time, and making a difference in the lives of people living in a lower economic class.

As important as it is to be an educated medical care consumer, it is equally important to make your decisions in conjunction with your personal physician. Show them the results of your Smarter Search and confirm there are no comorbidities or conditions that warrant a procedure being done in a hospital setting at multiple times the cost of an outpatient facility. If in your physician’s professional opinion you are best served at a higher-priced facility that is exactly where your procedure should take place.