Government Incentive Tax Credits for Business Owners

Incentive Tax Credits - The uncertainty ahead will likely require additional working capital for your business and straight talk family plan (and your family) .

Did you know there are local, state, and federal programs designed to reward success? If the government was holding a large check with your name on it, when would you want to know about that?

The government incentive tax credits  we uncover could provide the cash-boost you may need in the coming months …

  • Tax-Free
  • No strings attached
  • In addition to any Covid-19 stimulus

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Incentive Tax Credits


straight talk family plan


If Its There We Will Find It

We are a consulting firm we do  straight talk family Plan with  specializing in the niche area of incentives and credits for local businesses.

Essentially, we find money that has been hidden from local business owners.  Unfortunately, 95% of eligible companies never claim the money they are entitled to. (Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, Fox Business)

There are hundreds of local, state, and federal programs with cash incentives for U.S. businesses.  Their purpose is economic growth and job stimulation.

Billions are paid out every year, but billions more are unclaimed.  Have you received a check?

Virtually all of our clients have one thing in common – they never knew the money was theirs to claim!

Let us help you recover the money you are entitled to. There's No Cost, No Obligation Assessment

One U.S. Senate study revealed that 93% of businesses overpay the government by an average of $11,600 each year.  We help recover those lost profits.

Experience Incentive Tax Credits Team

Our nationwide team of experienced professionals are dedicated to serve you.  With decades of financial services experience, we’re confident we can help your business.

We offer a free consultation to determine if you have money waiting to claim, and how much it should be.

    - Decades of experience in financial matters.
    - Within 5 to 7 days, you should know if you have money to claim, and an estimate of how much.
    - Read through the testimonials of those who have worked with us over the years.
    - Our fees are contingency-based.  If we cannot uncover money for your business, it will cost you nothing.