Debt Assumption

While many debt-relief options work in relatively similar ways and provide relatively similar results, debt assumption works much differently than other methods of debt relief. This solution is an alternative to debt consolidation or settlement and is for unsecured debt only. This solution is for people who are behind or having trouble keeping up with their debt payments.

  • Offset your debt
  • Help to protect against lawsuits
  • Restore your credit without the threat of tax liability

The Solution uses a proprietary process that has been proven highly successful for thousands of clients, but you will have to meet certain qualifications in order for debt assumption to be an option.

Debt Assumption

How Does It Work?

Debt assumption is a special form of debt refinancing, involving three parties:

  • A creditor
  • The original debtor
  • A third party willing to assume the debt obligation

When you begin the debt assumption process, your debt will undergo two simultaneous transactions. One transaction to cancel the original debtor’s obligation to the creditor, and another transaction to create a new debt contract between the original creditor and the third party, or new debtor, who will assume the debt obligation.

Debt Assumption

What Debt Can I Enroll

Debt Assumption can be a great option for many debtors because you can enroll as many of your unsecured debts as you choose. You can even enroll all of your unsecured debts. This could include unsecured credit cards, loans, medical bills, or even business bank loans. Another thing that can be offset during debt assumption is private student loans.

It does not matter if, or how long, you have been delinquent. Even close accounts and third party collections are accepted.

The program can last from one to three years, and if lawsuits occur, you can expect to be assisted, in most circumstances, through attorneys or arbitration proceedings. Keep in mind that your credit will be damaged in the process, but credit restoration is possible.

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