Financial Wellness & Worksite Safety

Financial Wellness & Worksite Safety - There are critical issues with the health and safety of America’s workforce and financial pressures are one of the leading causes of worksite injuries.

Boosts worksite safety: injured workers are distracted and less productive and cost your organization thousands.

Each year, on average, over 50,000 FMLA applications are made for leave due to a work injury. Almost 10,000 of these deaths occur in the workplace. What’s more, financial insecurity ultimately leaves employees feeling powerless.

Financial wellness increases workers safety and stability, studies have found a direct correlation between financial wellness and safety. Our researchers found that by targeting financial wellness, safety incidents dropped by 40%.

Financial Wellness & Worksite Safety

Keep Participants Engaged

Financial wellness and safety programs keep participants engaged and help them connect with organizations that can help them make smart financial decisions to lead healthier lives.

Productivity begins with financial wellness. With workers taking better care of themselves, company inventory will be safer, too. That’s something everyone can get behind.

Organizations must create a culture at your worksite that promotes financial nutrition and worksite safety.

This unique kind of safety transforms the financial wellness of your organization by combining human psychology, behavioral economics and a stable work environment.

Employers need to alleviate the stress associated with safety and poor financial wellness.

Financial Wellness & Worksite Safety

Worksite Safety & Productivity

Organizations can measure and control personal financial wellness and business worksite safety.

When asked about the top worksite safety hazards, workers identify stress, worksite violence, and health, which all relate back to financial wellness. Experiencing financial hardship can make you feel like you are at risk of more workplace injuries.

We all know how hard it is to stay focused and productive when our personal finances are in disarray. That’s why a financial wellness program can help prevent incidents and improve workplace morale.

How your company deals with this increases the company’s morale, which further improves the work environment and productivity.