Identity Theft Plan

Protecting Your Bottom Line
Identity Theft Plan benefit is the most comprehensive identity protection and restoration product available. Our one bureau service monitors a participant’s TransUnion credit report and triggers an alert when their personally identifiable information (PII) appears on a credit check, giving them the chance to review potentially fraudulent activity.

Best In Class Monitoring
We monitor participants’ identity from every angle, not just their Social Security number, credit cards and bank accounts. With High Risk Application and Transaction Monitoring, we check to see if the details connected to a participant’s identity are safe. If any change in status occurs, they’ll receive a push notification or email alert immediately.

Identity Theft Plan

Credit Bureau Monitoring
Your membership dashboard includes a monthly credit score tracker as well as a yearly credit score report to help you keep on top of your credit rating. You’ll also get insights into your score and what you can do to increase it.

Social Media Scanning
Identity Theft Plan monitors your social media accounts for ID theft and reputational risks. Our scans analyze your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram pictures, posts and comments for foul language, drug references or other bits of information that could damage your reputation and prevent you from being hired by employers.

Financial Account Monitoring
Provides monitoring for banking, credit card and investment account activity (3 Bureau only).

Social Security Number
Identity Theft Plan uses your Social Security Number to monitor a large variety of potential areas of fraud. Our system will alert you as soon as it finds anything suspicious and our licensed private investigators can run advanced SSN Skip Trace searches to uncover hidden theft and fraud.

Unlimited Consultation
Members can speak with an identity theft specialist to get advice about any theft or fraud concerns. There is NO LIMIT. You get as much consultation time as you need. No competitor offers this benefit.

Reputation Management
Scans social media accounts for any content you have posted in the past that could damage your online reputation (3 Bureau only).

Dark Web Monitoring
Identity Theft Plan uses intelligent analytics to continuously monitor the dark web. The dark web includes black market websites where criminals purchase stolen information to apply for credit cards, steal bank funds and a variety of other nefarious activities.

Delete Data Brokers
Data Brokers, like Spokeo and the White pages, collect your personal information, package it up and sell it without your permission. Our team can assist you with getting your personal information deleted from the top brokers databases to further increase your privacy and safety.

Reputation Score
Ranks your online reputation score based off the content found on your social media accounts (3 Bureau only)