About Us

Betterment Inc. developed by Financial Literacy Group LLC, is a collaboration of solution specialists, software developers, systems integrators, debt counselors, certified financial educators, experienced independent financial advisors, Insurance Agents and incentive tax Recovery experts, who are dedicated to the wellbeing of you and ¬†your employees’.

Unlike many financial wellness companies, we don’t offer any loan restructuring schemes, we are consumer advocates. This means no loan modification, no refinancing, no debt consolidation, no debt settlement. Our debt solution is strategic payoff and proprietary debt reduction techniques.

Our algorithm based technology pinpoints exactly where a person is financially. The Go Debt Free SaaS calculates a mathematical strategy that substantially shortens debt payoff times and it eliminates interest on all kinds of debt.

As a result our hybrid financial wellness solutions educate, inform, engage, and equip each employee with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their financial future.


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