Financial Wellness Benefits

Betterment Inc. is a customizable technology driven, digitally integrated financial wellness solution that is a catalyst for improvement in workplace culture. Our hybrid financial wellness solutions educate, inform, engage, and equip each employee with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their financial future.

Betterment Inc., is a progressive financial wellness solution that makes your employees smarter about their finances. Our solution exposes employees to breakthrough financial technologies, proprietary debt reduction techniques that have positive impact, both short term and long term.

When it comes to engagement, financial content is researched and produced by the Wealth Wave division of World Financial Group. Our library of articles, posts, email, webinars, presentations and news, prompts, reminds, informs, and enlightens employees for years or for the rest of their lives.  Our communications platform is designed to engage families at every stage of life, Generation Z, Generation X, Millennials and Baby Boomers, and we deliver solutions for each of their specific needs.

Betterment Inc, gives employees access to a large selection of debt strategist, independent financial advisors, certified financial educators, professional financial planners and experienced financial investment advisors. We partner with Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), and TPAs, we also work with your existing benefits brokers and advisors.

Benefits For Employers

For you the employer, Betterment Inc. boosts productivity, attracts new talent, supports employee retention and promotes a sense of organizational unity.

Fundraising, essentially our software finds money that has been hidden from local business owners. There are hundreds of local, state, and federal programs with cash incentives for U.S. businesses. Billions are paid out every year (5%), but billions more are unclaimed (95%). We have an AI driven technology that helps enterprise organizations reduce the cost of self funded healthcare plans by 10% - 15%.