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Ron Harris, MBA and certified Financial Educator (CFEI), born in Los Angeles, graduated from the University of Essex, UK with a master’s degree in global marketing and communications. Ron is an entrepreneur has over 20 years experience developing integrated sales and marketing strategies that have launched new technologies, manufactured products or innovative solutions for tech startups, SME’s, and corporations such as Union Bank of CA, Prudential, KCBS, KCAL, KTLA, FatBurger, the Dial Corporation, Sunkist, MSE, ILG and DocuWise. For the last 7 years Ron has been helping people on Main Street manage their money like people who work on Wall St. Ron has traveled to over 40 countries to study causes and solutions wealth disparity so that he could apply this knowledge at home in the United States. Ron is dedicated to helping working class people who live in underserved urban communities, optimize their personal financial positions, improve their lives, retire with dignity and build generational wealth.

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